Thanks so much for your interest in donating to Team SF Goth!

Each year, the SF AIDS Walk website is only active for a few months before and after the AIDS Walk. Then the site de-activates until the next year, and teams must be re-registered. Sadly, that means our fundraising page is not active year-round for donations. We try to re-register the same link on the AIDS Walk site each year, so you can check this page, or you can search the AIDS Walk website for our team: SFGOTH-5015.


To donate, please visit our team page at You can also donate via their main website at (our team name is SFGOTH-5015).


If you are unable to donate online, you may call the San Francisco AIDS Foundation at 415-615-9255 and let them know you’d like to make a donation to sponsor Team SFGOTH, or you may snail mail a check to: AIDS Walk, P.O. Box 193502, San Francisco, CA 94119-3502. Be sure to add our team name SFGOTH-5015 to the memo on the check!